The Health Program That Offers The Ultimate To Anyone

There are various programs that will offer you the best wellness platform that anyone can offer. They offer unique platforms that are customized according to your needs and to the employees that you have. The health platform offers various features that your employees will love and it’s easy for you to implement it.


Challenge Themes

These challenge themes will make your employee be on the move. You can have your own customized themes which are according to the requirement of your company and employees. The user can select from different activity levels and earn medals as they proceed. Moreover, these challenges are health related so as they move forward they improve their health up to a certain level and ultimately reach their goal of being totally fit. The challenges are different according to the season. This is done as because health is also some way or another related to the seasons.

The admin platform gives complete control to the program manager to have full control of all the programs that are running. They can even customize the programs according to the requirement of the organization. They can organize the weekly messages that have to be sent, the images of your employees before and after the program, the different activities that are running and the language in which the messages or e-mails should be sent. The program manager can coordinate a challenge for all locations from the comfort of their office. Seating at a place he can manage every office of yours. If you have many offices, then the program manager can coordinate everything in different offices seating in his own office.

It helps to build a sporting competition amongst your different offices. It allows sharing data amongst the offices so that they can know about each other’s health and can strive better to reach their goal.

This health platform gives weekly health tips. One can coordinate with the physician to know about healthy habits so that employees can follow those and regain their health. The image of the home pages is changed weekly and that gives a feeling of being healthy to your employees. You can yourself set the image according to your organization. You can share the image of the fit employee of that week to be the homepage picture. This will motivate other employees to take up the challenge and be fit.

The Health and wellness platform practically offers you everything that you need to run a company with healthy employees.


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