The Revolution in Health Management That Benefits Us

Are you trying to offer better health services to your employees? Then you must use health information technology to offer the best. Let us see what can really be offered through this management technology so that your employees have better health.


Health Screening Management

By using this technology one can know the areas of their health that requires fine tuning. The information is accessible only to that person. It provides complete privacy of their data. The data can be printed and taken with while they visit their doctor. They can if needed transfer the data electronically to their doctor. The technology also gives employees access to certain labs where they can get their biometric screening done. They can even find the lab that is nearest to them so that they do not have to travel far. If they are seriously ill they can call the lab and the lab will be happy to come to their home to do the screening.

There are various other features also to this health program. Such as a special feature called Tobacco certification tool. This helps to collect data regarding the employees who smokes and if they quit smoking they can be given incentives. A program is offered through which your employees can quit smoking and have a healthier lifestyle.

Precise Data Management

There is various data that needs to be stored or created for creating better health for your employees. The data can easily be created and stored if you use this health management program. It helps you to create and store data pertaining to:

• Data related to Health risk

• Claim data

• Biometric data

• Data regarding the fitness challenge

• Data regarding incentives

This data will only be accessible by the managers and the person for which the data is about. So in this respect  it also offers complete privacy.

While using this health management program you do not need to collect data and assimilate it according to employees. The program itself will do so and generate a report if you wish employee wise. The report generated will help you to implement specific programs as you will be able to know the fields of health deficiency of your employees.

The use of health information technology will be very beneficial to you and also to your employees.


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